About Life and SciComm

Welcome to the personal blog of Kaitlyn Martin, a sentient lump of stardust currently enjoying life in Dunedin, New Zealand.
This purpose of this blog is to discuss interesting reserach related to the way we engage with science,
highlight exciting science communication events and opportunities (mainly) in Otago,
and reflect on the amazing experience of life and science communication.


Centre for Science Communication
University of Otago

I'm currently a 2nd year PhD Candidate at the University of Otago's Centre for Science Communication.  My research explores the ways mobile-filmmaking in secondary classrooms can effect student engagement with science.  It is an amazing mix of all of my passions for science, film, and education and I get utilize my background as an Evolutionary Biologist (BSc) and Teacher (MEd) everyday.  I also love getting to demonstrate labs and tutor for undergraduate Biochemistry and Zoology courses.

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The Kids Are Alright
Radio 1 - 91 FM - Dunedin

A local radio programme sponsored by the Children's Room and Bookshop:  for kids, by kids!  If you're in Dunedin tune in to Radio 1 - 91FM to listen to the Kids Are Alright on Saturday mornings 7-9AM.  You can also check out past programmes or listen to our live stream on show day at the Radio 1 website.


Dunedin Space Programme
Dunedin Astronomical Society

Under the beautiful dark skies of New Zealand, I love having the opportunity to explore Astronomy with the Dunedin Astronomical Society and get kids involved too by co-teaching our student astronomy club - the Dunedin Space Programme.  Learning to use telescopes, deep discussions on black holes and the universe, and stargazing trips to Middlemarch make sure the learning continues into the wee hours of the morning when the viewing is best!  


Mornington Keas (Ages 5-8) 
Scouts New Zealand

Once a week I brush off my Environmental Education skills to work with Scouting New Zealand's youngest members - the Keas!  At our local den we play lots of games, do crafts, learn more about the world we live in, and spend some time becoming all around good citizens of the world. 


Fun Science with Amadeo

I can frequently be found helping at the lab, pool, birthday parties, fossil hunting adventures, or just about anywhere you can explore fun science with Amadeo Enriquez-Ballestero, one of New Zealand's most passionate Science Communicators.  These sessions are amazing to inspire a enjoyment of science any where and in any way!  Life and SciComm are both passions of mine, and its great to have found a partner to share in both...I like to think of us as somethinglike the Marie and Pierre Curie of science communication. 


School Teaching
New Zealand

As a certificated teacher in New Zealand, I get to enjoy working with primary and secondary students in schools as a relief teacher and through science extension programmes.  I love incorporating as much of the fun and amazing world of SciComm as possible, including our terrapin Buzo!